The Salvation Army’s Angel Giving Tree will be set up at the Valley View Mall on Saturday November 11, 2017. The tree will display tags of children signed up for the program and will include the child’s name, age, clothing sizes and some of their interests. Shoppers are asked to take a tag and be a blessing to the child this Christmas season.

“A lot of us sometimes take Christmas for granted, the presents, the giving, the celebration-some families don’t have the means to recognize Christmas as the holiday that many of us have come to know and love” says Nick Ragner of The Salvation Army, “The Angel Giving Tree provides these families with presents for their kids so they can continue focusing on their household needs instead of what’s under the tree.”

The Angel Tree will be on display at Valley View Mall until Friday, December 8th. Presents can be returned to the Tree or to the Salvation Army. Distribution of the gifts will be on Thursday, December 14th. For more information, please call Nick Ragner at 608-782-6126 extension 239, email at Information about the Angel Giving Tree and other Salvation Army programs can be found at The Salvation Army.