You never know how a simple act of kindness might share hope or brighten someone’s day… 
What if we paid for the person’s order behind us in the drive-thru…No strings attached. Left an extra generous tip to the hard-working server at the restaurant…Just because we wanted to do something nice for someone else. That’s the idea behind the Prayz Pass! – To pass it on with a random act of kindness – to bless someone we may or may not even know. What a great way to live out our faith and show God’s love to someone in a way that might impact their day—and maybe yours, as well!We’re encouraging you to pass on the Prayz Pass and help spread the kindness and love of Jesus around the area! Simply include the Prayz Pass with a random act of kindness – then see what happens! There have been some pretty cool stories of how this simple deed impacted people in ways far beyond the thoughtful act or gesture.

Here are some ideas to get you started… 

  1. Pay for the car behind you in the Drive-thru.
  2. Take treats to the police or fire station, or nurses station.
  3. Buy someone’s coffee.
  4. Babysit for free.
  5. Make two lunches and give one away.
  6. Pay for a table’s bill and tip at a restaurant.
  7. Buy extra school supplies for a teacher.
  8. Run an errand for someone.
  9. Leave a gas gift card at a gas pump.
  10. Shovel someone’s driveway or sidewalk.
  11. Send a card or care package to someone serving in the military.
  12. Bake dessert for a co-worker.
  13. Invite someone over who may be alone for dinner, a game, or a movie.
  14. Purchase dog or cat food for an animal shelter.
  15. Visit a nursing home and get to know the residents—listen to their stories.
  16. Volunteer and donate your skills and time to a local ministry or non-profit.
  17. Leave your server a  generous tip.
  18. Make a care package for someone in need.