Weekday Program Schedule

12:00 amA New Beginning800-821-3300Greg Laurie
1:00 amSearchlight888-544-4858Jon Courson
2:00 amBridging the Gap800-679-2262Lloyd Pulley
3:00 amConnect With Skip Heitzig800-922-1888Skip Heitzig
4:00 amStraight from the Heart215-969-1520Joe Focht
5:00 amJust Thinking800-448-6766Ravi Zacharias
6:00 amSearchlight888-544-4858Jon Courson
7:00 amThe Word for Today800-272-9673Chuck Smith
8:00 amTruth for Life888-588-7884Alistair Begg
9:00 amMusic Hour
10:00 amTurning Point877-998-0222Dr. David Jeremiah
11:00 amMusic Hour
12:00 pmA New Beginning800-821-3300Greg Laurie
1:00 pmUnlocking the Bible866-865-6253Colin Smith
2:00 pmParenting Today’s Teens903-668-2173Mark Gregston
3:00 pmLiving On The Edge888-333-6003Chip Ingram
4:00 pmConnect With Skip Heitzig800-922-1888Skip Heitzig
5:00 pmSearchlight888-544-4858Jon Courson
6:00 pmJust Thinking800-448-6766Ravi Zacharias
7:00 pmTruth for Life888-588-7884Alistair Begg
8:00 pmChapter & Verse858-277-4991Mike MacIntosh
9:00 pmTurning Point877-998-0222Dr. David Jeremiah
10:00 pmStraight from the Heart215-969-1520Joe Focht
11:00 pmMusic Hour

Music on the half hour, unless otherwise noted

Saturday Program Schedule

12:00 amA New Beginning Weekend800-821-3300Greg Laurie
1:00 amGod’s Great Outdoors877-825-5446Gerry Cailouet
2:00 amMusic Hour
3:00 amTurning Point Weekend800-580-0863Dr. David Jeremiah
4-7:00 amMusic Hour
7:00 amVoice of the Martyrs Weekly800-747-0085Voice of the Martyrs
7:30 am Jungle JamFancy Monkey
8:00 amPaws ‘n’ Tales866-968-7297Insight for Living
8:30 amAdventures in Odyssey800-A-FAMILYFocus on Family
9:00 amBrinkman Adventures262-227-8621Brinkman Adventures
9:30 amDown Gilead Lane888-224-2324Keys for Kids
10-12 pmMusic Hour
12:00 pmA New Beginning Weekend800-821-3300Greg Laurie
1-3 pmMusic Hour
3:00 pmLet My People Think800-448-6766Ravi Zacharias
4-7:00 pmMusic Hour
7:00 pmRadio Theatre800-A-FAMILYFocus on the Family
9:00 pmTurning Point Weekend800-580-0863Dr. David Jeremiah
10-12:00 pmMusic Hour

Sunday Program Schedule

12:00 am Living On The Edge888-333-6003Chip Ingram
1:00 amMusic Hour
2:00 amLet My People Think800-448-6766Ravi Zacharias
3-5 amMusic Hour
5:00 amFocal Point888-320-5885Mike Fabarez
6:00 amTruth for Life Weekend888-588-7884Alistair Begg
7:00 amThe Word for Today800-272-9673Chuck Smith
8:00 amLet My People Think800-448-6766Ravi Zacharias
9:00 amTurning Point Weekend 877-998-0222 Dr. David Jeremiah
10:00 amNew Beginning Weekend 800-821-3300 Greg Laurie
11:00 am Living On The Edge 888-333-6003 Chip Ingram
3:00 pmBrinkman Adventures262-227-8621Brinkman Adventures
4:00 pmMusic Hour
5:00 pmLet My People Think800-448-6766Ravi Zacharias
6-8 pmMusic Hour
8:00 pmTruth for Life Weekend888-588-7884Alistair Begg
9-12:00 amMusic Hour