Christmas romans 15 13Christmas….as the years go by “Christmas” seems to change…from the wide-eyed excitement of childhood to the joy and busyness of making Christmas special for our own families.  Then there comes a time when “Christmas” magnifies the missing pieces in our lives…the loss of loved ones, broken relationships and the long ago and far away memories of Christmases gone by – knowing things will never be the same.  But, it’s the HOPE of Christmas that will get us through each season….. The eternal hope behind the Christmas carols, the decorations and gifts of love.  The hope that gives meaning and purpose to it all.  The hope that there is so much more than this life can bring or throw at us.  With many Christmases behind me, all the things that once seemed such a vital part of Christmas – the shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking, and the hurrying here and there – seem far less important.  With so many of those with whom I once shared Christmas gone, my heart has turned more and more toward that heavenly hope –  Jesus.  Yes, there is the sting of  loss, but there is also a deep, deep joy, and a peace that transcends the pain.  There is also an urgency to share the real HOPE of Christmas with those who are walking in darkness – without the HOPE of Christ.  Whatever your Christmas brings this year, I pray you will experience that deep, eternal, unchanging HOPE. ~Darla

And if you need prayer to help get you through this season, please share your requests with us on the Ministry Page, and we will be sure to lift you up in prayer.