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from our listening family…

“When I listen to Prayz Network it gives me encouragement and helps me to focus on the Lord more when life gets hard. Thank you for being here for us, I really do appreciate it. May the Lord bless you all and your ministry” Norwalk WI

“Every morning and after work, Teaching by Jon Courson is one of my favorite times to listen. After work I sometimes catch the evening teaching by other Pastors. I also like listening to the uplifting music. Seems you play the songs (keep reading…)



Press On

I finally got my bicycle out! We live on a ridgetop where the views are breathtaking, and pedaling the hills seems harder every year. As I was riding along passing freshly plowed fields and starling cows in pasture with a loud “MOO!” (That always gives me a chuckle), the winds were picking up. The further […]

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Our featured sponsor this month is Crossfire. Crossfire seeks to renew and transform the lives of teenagers by assisting them to live out their God-given potential and become productive citizens through nurturing and faith-based Christian programs. There are programs throughout the week to help youth. For more information on Crossfire

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How do you like “Rend the Heavens” by BattleDrums


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