I remember when our kids were toddlers and just learning to walk….we didn’t keep track of the number of times they fell, but applauded every attempt to try again; we didn’t scold them for their tears of frustration, but rather picked them up and encouraged them to get up and take another step. We didn’t berate them when they landed on the floor, and we didn’t tell them they’d never, ever get it right. We knew, if they kept on trying, one day they’d not only be walking across the room, but running through the yard, climbing hills and trees. We knew that one day they’d be walking into their kindergarten classroom on the first day of school…..across the stage in cap and gown….down the aisle on their wedding day….and it all began with that first step…and the perseverance to keep on even when they fell. How much more our heavenly Father picks us up when we fall. He encourages us to keep on knowing that, if we don’t give up, one day we will walk….and He has prepared the path that lies ahead. Let us not become weary and discouraged by our many failed attempts to walk the walk….rather, let us keep on……get up and try again and focus on the prize before us. Happy New Year from your Prayz Family!