So, this is where I am…..trying to figure out how to do the Lord’s work the Lord’s way in His timing. In ministry, as in life, we need to make sure we are doing what the Lord wants us to do – nothing more, nothing less. We can get so busy doing all the things we think we should be doing (or what others think we should be doing), that we haven’t sought and followed God’s direction. More often than not, I find myself trying to do too much and not doing anything well. Ugh! There is so much potential and there are so many opportunities! I want to do it all, but I’m pretty sure God doesn’t want me doing it all! It is so important to seek God’s will and direction for what we are doing – not only the big picture – but also for each day. What does He want me to do today as He paints that big picture through me? Let God put the what on our to do lists, so we are sure to only do “the Lord’s work.” More next time on the Lord’s way.