Merry Go Round Last night my mind went back to a merry-go-round we used to play on as kids. Everyone would pile on, then one kid would push -round and round, faster and faster! At just the right moment, the pusher would hold tight and jump on, joining the others in dizzying delight! It was such fun back then.

Today, the playground of life offers another kind of merry-go-round. It still goes round and round. It is still a bit dizzying, but it isn’t very delightful. Sometimes I even feel like one of the poor kids who accidentally flew off the ride while it was at full speed – left dazed and confused, even a bit bruised. What happened? Life was supposed to be fun, wasn’t it?

It is hard to enjoy the ride when we are carrying too much baggage. I mean, really, who needs that backpack full of worry and anxiety? Who needs to take along all that fear, frustration and stress? Leave the anger and bitterness of life’s disappointments and unrealistic expectations out of the sack and ride free! God didn’t intend for us to hold onto it.

But how? How do we let it go? How can we leave it behind when it has become such a part of us? The answer may sound simplistic, but it is also hard for so many of us to do-leave it at the feet of Jesus. That requires me spending time with Him. Quiet time. Time in which He can reveal my excess baggage. Time in which I hand it over to Him…one piece at a time. “God, here is the anger over the way he hurt me. By Your grace, I will forgive and let it go.” “God, this isn’t the way I thought things would turn out. This isn’t what I had planned, but I know Your plans are greater and You are able to take all this stuff I’m laying at Your feet and use it for good.” God will use all this stuff to grow and equip me to help others. In order to let go though, I have to trust God enough to loosen my grip and open up wide for His plan, not mine, accepting it with grace. While what we leave at His feet is freeing, what we take with us is just as important. What am I piling onto my To Do list? Wouldn’t it be better to consult with the One who created time? The One who gave me this life-this day? What is it He wants me to do today? I have a suspicion that His To Do lists for me looks much different than the ones I create for myself.

Before you head off to the playground, leave the baggage behind – at the feet of Jesus who loves you, and only take what He gives for this day. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ride! ~darla