Jesus said His “yoke is easy,” and His “burden is light.” Honestly, there are times when the Yoke doesn’t seem easy and the burden doesn’t feel light! When I think of a yoke, I picture of team of oxen. What is the purpose of that yoke? It joins the oxen together, giving them direction as they share the burden, and helps keep them from falling. What if one oxen tries to run ahead, lags behind or turns aside? It gets out of step with the team and the yoke pulls hard. The load they carry is off balance and the wandering ox ends up carrying more than its share- the burden is heavy. I know the analogy is obvious, but so often I find myself like that ox, out of step with God – trying to run ahead and get things done or going off in my own direction. I find myself heavy-ladden, weighed down, worn out….needing His rest. Needing to get away with Him to hear His voice and to get back in step with Him, because His yoke is easy and His burden is light. -darla