You push the “ON” button. Nothing. You turn a couple knobs. Still Nothing. You give a tap. Then another, this time a bit harder. Nothing! Frustration and aggravation mount as you become more perplexed as to why things just aren’t working. Finally, it dawns on you! Is it plugged in? That’s it! The cord in dangling there, but not connected to the power source. I’m sure you’ve already made the connection with our spiritual lives. Sometimes we try so hard to make things happen in our lives, but we are disconnected from God – our “power source.” How can we expect to grow in our faith and fruitfulness if we are not “plugged in,” spending time with God and in His Word. If frustration and aggravation are mounting in your spiritual life, check your connection to the divine Power Source. He promised to give us everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3) -darla