Eastern mysticism would have us believe God is inside us. Deism would have us believe God is outside of us. Atheism would have us believe God is nowhere. And agnosticism doubts it all.

In all the dogma of myriad faiths and philosophies, there is a hollowness that leaves us wondering, “Is Science the answer? Is philosophy the answer? Is theology the answer?”

But science carves out the soul; philosophy puts man at the loom of truth, where he might weave anything he likes; and theology alone creates religious fanaticism, as we’ve seen through jihads and crusades alike.

Where is the answer? Where is the hope?

These questions have dogged humanity since the beginning, because humanity has ever cried, “I’ll do it by myself!” Like the prodigal son, we have run from the truth and to our passions, and thrown ourselves with the pigs in the mud.

“We came from primordial soup.”

“We were seeded by aliens.”

“We arose from an impersonal creator.”

Every answer we synthesize is a non-answer that confuses and circles us back to the cry of our hearts, “There must be something more!”

There is only one source of truth. No, it’s not theology, it’s not philosophy, and it’s not science. It’s the person of Jesus Christ. Because only in Jesus is science, philosophy and theology wrapped into physical reality, and come to bear our mistakes and experience our pain. Only in Jesus is there meaning and love, judgment and holiness, origin and ending, power and meekness, and everything else our souls long for like substantive water in a desert of superfluity. Only in Jesus is the transcendent made touchable. Only through Jesus is God around us, outside of us, and inside of us at once, while remaining His own in every way. Only through Jesus may we find peace, and only through the Holy Spirit may we be sustained through everything this world offers. Only in Jesus can we find pleasure without pain. And only through Jesus can we find joy through suffering.

Being a follower of Jesus does not look like religion, though religion is part of it. Being a follower of Jesus does not look like science, though science finds its origin and meaning in Him. Being a follower of Jesus does not mean we trust in philosophy alone, though philosophy springs from the heart of Christ as He hangs on a tree, bloodied and battered for our sakes. Only in Jesus are all the elements of humanity both necessary and meaningful. There are no areas of life that He does not touch, and to be a follower of Him demands we surrender every element of ourselves to Him.

Our hearts cry, “There must be something more!” because there is. And His name is Jesus.

B. McPherson
Director of Operations